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​M.A.C Consulting, PC was founded on the idea that effective relationships and personal growth work in harmony to produce the best organization, leaders and YOU. One of the most telling common factors of organizations and people are that they both strive to be successful and often time they over tap - sometimes positively and other times not so positively. Just like a person, an organization is a living, breathing organism that must continue to grow and develop because of the complexities of roles and responsibilities that each member within the organization has. When both organizations and people recognize this fact, they flourish. When they don't, they become stagnant and struggle. When both understand and become aware of their roles, relationships, successes, and growth areas, they are more likely to become successful. Our services are tailored to and for clients to ensure performance success of the goals outlined by them. Be the change agent necessary to take your organization and yourself to the next level. 

Our  services include: Executive Leadership Coaching, Organizational Leadership Consulting, Corporate Training and Facilitating, Strength Based Assessments, Professional Counseling and Clinical Supervision. We are committed to serving our clients by incorporating a holistic and systemic based approach to meet our clients unique needs.

M.A.C. Consulting, PC

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