Using Intangible Variables to Get Tangible Results



The purpose of our webinars is to be a community resource for all to come and obtain information about a variety of topics that affect your life on a daily basis.


This podcast series is about getting people to talk and think about topics that many may find uncomfortable or fear. It is meant to make sure that each person has the opportunity to grow through learning and understanding themselves and the world around them. 

Training & Development 

Through my eyes, supervision is a relationship that is fostered through mutual respect and repiore. Supervision provides an opportunity for a student to capture the essence of the pyschotherapuetic process as articulated and modeled by the supervisor [more...] 

Professional Counseling 

Life happens on a daily basis and sometimes we have a difficult time adjusting. Professional Counseling serves individuals, couples and families in helping them deal with internal stressors that can lead to problematic thoughts and behaviors that impede the enjoyment of life. [more...] 
“An archer cannot hit the bulls-eye
if he doesn’t know where the target is.”

Keynotes & Seminars 

The goal of each keynote or seminar is to have each participant to leave with something tangible that they can do different to move in the direction that is meaningful to them. [more...] 

With a Specialist in Educational Leadership, a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy, a Masters in Counseling, Emotional Intelligence certification, and over 15 years of experience  working with local and global clients and Fortune 500 companies as a therapist and a consultant, I offer a unique blend of education, training, skills and expertise in working with interpersonal relationships, individual issues, and organizational challenges.

Ya'Ron Brown, LPC, CPCS