Using Intangible Variables to Get Tangible Results


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Episode 1: Is the current educational system obsolete?
Is the current educational system obsolete? Is the current set up working for our children or is there reform needed? We will discuss the history of education in America and its evolution. Educators across the nation will weigh in with their perspectives and you will hear some ways you can help your children RIGHT NOW be successful within our current educational system.


Let's Get Uncomfortable is series focused on stretching individuals so that they can grow. Throughout the series, there will be several entertaining guests that have expertise in a variety of topics that will cause one to think and stretch themselves. This podcast is about getting people to talk and think about topics that many may find uncomfortable or fear. It is meant to make sure that each person has the opportunity to grow.

Ya’Ron has always said, "Growth will be uncomfortable because you cannot control it; so when you realize that growing is in inevitable, you will not have such an issue with being uncomfortable."

"Let's Get Uncomfortable"

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