Using Intangible Variables to Get Tangible Results


“It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head -- it is the unique intersection of both.”  -David Caruso

  • The Five Keys to Effective Leadership: Understanding Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Failure is a Sign of Greatness Yet to Come
  • Communication is Key
  • Setting Boundaries: How to Take and Give Just Enough
  • How to Improve Your Human Capital by Being Emotionally Intelligent
  • Feedback is Your Chance to Grow
  • Where is Your Target? Setting and Obtaining Goals
  • Becoming Emotionally Intelligent: Getting Your Company on the Right Footing
  • If You Are Waiting to Be Motivated, You Will Not Succeed
  • Purposeful Living: Effectively Integrating Your Professional and Personal Life


I recently had the opportunity to hear Mr. Ya'Ron Brown present a seminar to a group of teenage young men and adults. He clearly understands the essence of commanding the audiences’ attention.  I observed the crowds’ reaction to him---they remained fully engaged and eagerly looked with anticipation for what’s next!  What I enjoyed most about his presentation is that Ya'Ron mixed humor and storytelling to ease the audience so they would remain in sync with his topic.
Trenton Taylor, Professor

Devry University, Keller School of Management

Ya'Ron Brown is a master motivator for children and adults. He uses innovative motivation strategies to connect with his audience. He had our students highly engaged during our “Student Impact” workshops, and our students were able to easily relate to his “Lion vs Sheep” analogies. We are fortunate to have him as a community partner and mentor to our students because he genuinely cares about seeing our youth overcome obstacles, chart a path to success, and achieve their desired goals. His experiences as a counselor and entrepreneur give him a vast range of talking points and strategies to pull from, and I highly encourage you to secure his services because your organization will benefit. 

Dr. Eli Welch, III, Principal

Shiloh Middle School

​​As a national keynote and motivational speaker, Ya'Ron Brown offers the tools and strategies to help others create a roadmap for a successful, purposeful and meaning life (beyond any segment of your life). He has a unique ability to connect with his audience in a meaningful way through the use of humor and experiential exercises. The goal of each keynote or seminar is to have each participant leave with something tangible that they can do different to move in the direction that is meaningful to them. If you want to see change in the direction that gives your life meaning and purpose or you want your audience to feel inspired, you want Ya'Ron Brown at your next event.

Ya'Ron teaches individuals and organizations how to create and generate Change to Create Success - a philosophy and strategy that is based on three fundamental tenants:
​1. Change is a part of our DNA, but we fight it with all our being
2. To be your best, you must be willing to accept that change creates success
​ 3. To accept change, you must be willing to follow certain steps

"More and more companies are complaining about a lack of social skills in new employees."

These transforming principles of Change to Create Success are found in all of Ya'Ron’s keynotes and seminars. With more than 10 years of experience in relationship building, conflict resolution, personal accountability and professional counseling, Ya'Ron uses authenticity, humor, and experiential exercises to deliver each of his messages. He guides people to see that in order to create opportunities to live a valued purposeful existence, the only thing that is needed is their commitment to make it a reality. Ya'Ron invites his audience to change their perspective, by uncovering purpose, defining values, and critiquing meaning of language, which are the steps necessary for change to exist. Information is shared in a clear, simplistic, and understandable style appropriate for any audience.

​If you are looking for someone who inspirational, passionate, authentic, motivational, and empowering, you have come to the right website  – Ya'Ron Brown is who you want to speak at your next event!​

All keynotes and presentations are customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. Additional information on topics is available upon request.


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IQ takes a second position to emotional intelligence in determining success across the board