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Through my eyes, supervision is a relationship that is fostered through mutual respect and repiore. Supervision provides an opportunity for a student to capture the essence of the pyschotherapuetic process as articulated and modeled by the supervisor (Holloway). The goal is for the supervisee not to mimic the supervisor, but to identify with the principles and knowledge that the supervisor provides. The supervision relationship is the most important part of supervision, it is at the core of the process, without it there can be no process of supervision. The system of supervision is about the task and functioning of supervision, which helps to create the relationship between supervisor and supervisee.

Methodology: I have a background in education as a special education teacher and school counselor, thus I have a working knowledge of Solutions Focused Therapy. I transitioned to working with several agencies around the metro Atlanta area and my final destination before private practice was a psychiatric hospital. I have an array of knowledge about the counseling field and have been exposed to a variety of clients and settings. I was originally trained in Solution Focused Therapy, transitioned to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I am continuing to hone my skills in working with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 

Areas of Interest: Trauma, Adolescent Development, Family Systems, Couples

Task of Supervision: Help develop counseling skills; Case Conceptualization; Professional Role; Emotional Awareness; Self-Evaluation

Function of Supervision: Monitoring/Evaluating; Instructing/Advising; Modeling; Consulting; Supporting/Sharing

Requirements for Supervision

  • Completion of a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree in an educational program primarily counseling in content or a program in applied psychology.*​
  • ​Employment at a work setting approved by the Georgia Composite Board.**​

Clinical Supervision

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Fees:You are financially responsible for paying all fees for each group and individual supervision session. Individual sessions are $90/hr. Two individuals can share an individual session. Group sessions are $45/hr per person with a maximum of four participants.
entire caseload, even we have not reviewed them formally. As part of this process, you will make tape and/or video recordings of sessions and turn them in for me to review. We will then go over these in individual sessions.
Group: Group supervision will occur once to twice a month. We will discuss cases and provide feedback as a group. It will include general discussions on topics such as, but not limited to, ethics, professional activities, interventions, and the impact of current affairs on clinical practice. Group supervision is limited to four participants at a time.
Individual:This will occur 1 time a month as scheduled. In Individual, we set your professional goals for supervision and discuss the supervision process. Sessions will be spent in review of individual cases and issues. I will provide feedback and evaluation to trainee, and we will have a quarterly review of progress. I will also ask for feedback and information on your 

Individual & Group Supervision

*Candidates for Master’s level licenses (LCSW, LMFT, and LPC) must obtain at least half of their supervision hours from a clinician with the same license that they are pursuing.
**Having your own independent private practice and collecting fees directly, is not an acceptable work setting.

  • ​Call (404) 955-0875 to schedule your interview.  ​