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​​Ya’Ron Brown is the Co-Founder and President of MAC Network, PC. - a counseling and consulting company that was founded on driving people and companies to purpose.With over 15 years of experience as a therapist, teacher and consultant, Ya'Ron has made it his purpose to help companies and individuals solve the issue of integrating their professional and personal lives in order to maximize corporate and individual aspirations.He is one of the newest and most dynamic speakers today with a background in working with a gamut of people and companies.  

His keynotes, seminars, and workshops have inspired and informed thousands of people both nationally and internationally. Ya’Ron blends his diverse teaching experience, professional counseling, ACT and Emotional Intelligence background to create a unique experience for all who attend; delivering hands-on practical ideas, specific implementation practices and providing both individuals and companies a way to obtain tangible results. 

In 2002, Ya’Ron traveled to China to teach English and was requested to create a series of lectures about American Culture. Through the various speaking engagements at universities across China, and his love for speaking, Ya’Ron began to hone his talents by continuing to acquire speaking engagements at Georgia State University, enlightening students and faculty about studying and working abroad.​

In conjunction with continuing to speak at various outlets, Ya’Ron continued his educational career by obtaining a Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling, an Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership, and a Master of Family Therapy in Marriage and Family Therapy. As a school counselor, graduation coach, and licensed professional counselor, Ya’Ron has continued to work closely with adolescents, families, and school officials to help produce a conducive environment for learning and emotional balance in the community.

Through his work in the educational system and community, Ya’Ron was given the opportunity to work with local companies to help their employees with their work/life balance and help increase productivity. Through his work with several companies, he has been able to help companies develop a better game plan to maximize their human capital. Currently as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Ya’Ron works with Fortune 500 companies to help them become more Emotionally Intelligent as a company and usher in greater success.

Ya'Ron is available for keynote presentations on emotional intelligence, well-being, peak performance and creating a high performing coaching culture.

About Ya'Ron

“It isn't stress that makes us fall - it's how we respond to stressful events.” ―W. Goodall

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